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Not impressed

Completely, totally and utterly useless.


The biggest issue for me is the fact that it only works portrait and not landscape. Very disappointing

Not worth $3

Its a pretty good app, it lets you organize your files like its supposed to, but its interface feels cheap and there arent many functions to it such allowing you to open files in other applications. Hopefully theres an update down the line for this app because it has some potential.


Do not waste your time with this app you must download files and will not access existing files on the iPad. Said you can copy, move and delete files but only after they are downloaded through this app. Real junk

Not an app

Sorry, not worth the Mickey Mouse, save your $2.99

Waste of money

This app has been completely useless. I thought it would work like iexplorer and act as an interface to access the file directory. This would help find a solution to the greyed out songs in iTunes that were hidden on my phone. This app does not work like iexploer at all. It was a waste of money.

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